Guess who's coming back?

Well, in case you thought something looked different here, you were correct. We've been promising the return of Bondage Barrix and at this very moment, we are hard at work readying the new site to deliver on our promise. The pages are coming along nicely, and as you can imagine, there's a lot of back-end tech to get sorted out before we make the final push and get approval from our billing company.

And yes, there's ALL-NEW content for this, the NEW Bondage Barrix. The videos, photos and trailers are nearly ready for release, and as they are approved, we'll let some slip out here to whet your appetite for the exciting new content we have to offer. Sarge is still Sarge, the Bondage Barrix is once again our name, but those are the ONLY similarities you will find between the original Bondage Barrix, our sister site Back Door Bondage and this, the NEW Bondage Barrix.

And as promised, news of our progress, including site Beta testing and sneak peeks will be posted here.

Thank you for your support,

- Sergeant Major & wordman

When we said we were coming back, we weren't kidding...